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Confused About Business vs. Consumer Computers? Consider Our 4 Tips!

Consumer-grade PCs are fantastic options for personal use, but having a more powerful computer can mean the difference between efficiency and a total headache when it comes to work and office environments. Before you buy, take a look at what our experts have to say about the benefits of business over consumer computers

Benefits of Business Computers for Your Office

1. Speed 

Running a business often means running a variety of programs on your computer. The more complex programs you use, the more efficient you need your device to be. Business computers offer more speed and power, allowing you to use the programs and websites you need without slowing down the connection.

2. Security

If you need to buy computers for an office or your remote employees, then security will be top of mind. Businesses that deal with sensitive information will want to consider business-grade computers, as they have options to upgrade the physical and digital security features and are therefore the higher-grade security choice. Features like fingerprint readers, boot passwords, and pro versions of operating systems will help protect your staff and clients.

3. Longevity

For the most part, business computers have a longer extended warranty period, which gives you more flexibility should you need to fix an issue. In general,  a consumer laptop has a 1 year vs. a 3-year full-service warranty held by business computers. Business computers even come with the option to have next-day replacements and repairs delivered right to your business.

4. Features

We know how important it is to have valuable features on your computer. Business computers offer features that will make it easier to work remotely. Not to mention, business devices have far less bloatware than consumer-grade PCs tend to contain.

Bottom line, our tech experts think the benefits of business computers should not go unnoticed and recommend that you consider all of the above benefits before buying. Have more questions? Reach out to us below!



Eager to Protect Your Device on Public WiFi? Follow These 5 Steps!

WiFi is everywhere these days and since hopping onto a new network is almost second nature, it’s important to take the necessary precautions when using a public connection. As experts in our field, we know all about WiFi and have 5 steps for you to follow if and when you find yourself on an unfamiliar network.

5 Ways to Keep Your Device Protected on Public WiFi

1. Avoid Entering Personal Info

When on a public network, avoid entering in private info like your address, bank details, or phone number. By refraining from giving over personal information on a public network, you’re helping protect yourself from those wishing to steal confidential data. 

2. Connect Through Verifiable Networks 

If you’ve ever been at a hotel or coffee shop and tried to log into their WiFi, you’ve probably seen a popup that asks you to agree to terms and conditions. This can be a good indicator that you have found a network you can trust. Verify that the agreement comes from the owner of the establishment by checking the website address or even verify with the staff that you’ve chosen the correct network.

3. Use Secure Connections

Before sending sensitive information over a public network, ensure the site is using HTTPS. Look for the small padlock in the upper lefthand corner of the address bar. This padlock tells you that the website connection is secured through SSL. In addition to the padlock, a secure address will have “HTTPS” at the beginning of the URL. It’s important to stay on secure websites that use SSL when you are on public WiFi.

Learn more about the benefits of SSL.

4. Use Antiviral Software

Antivirus software is a great first step to protecting you from malware. Equally important, pay attention to the creation of your online passwords. For even more info, check out our in-depth look at successful password management.

5. Install a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) acts as a secure tunnel between you and the site or service you are using. Once installed, your VPN encrypts your data, offering you more protection.

Whether you travel for work, frequent coffee shops, or just find yourself using public WiFi regularly, securing your device is essential. Follow the 5 steps above, and you’ll be more protected when online. Have more questions about WiFi security? Reach out to us below! 


password management

Tired of Memorizing Passwords? Reduce Stress With a Password Manager! 

Between online shopping and digital bank accounts, it seems like you need a password for just about any website these days. And even if using one password for every site is convenient, it’s simply not secure. Unfortunately, the more complicated the password, the harder it is to memorize. That’s why password managers are an absolute lifesaver. As experts in our field, we know all about online security. That’s why we HIGHLY recommend utilizing digital management systems and securely storing your passwords on your device. We highlight the main benefits of a password manager below! 

4 Reasons to Start Using a Password Manager! 

1. Save precious time 

Password managers save you from remembering and potentially losing essential passwords. Beyond that, many password managers automatically fill out the information needed to check out on eCommerce sites or sign in to accounts, saving you the hassle of typing the same info you’ve typed out a million times. 

In addition to saving you time, password managers can also save your loved one’s time should they need to access your passwords in the event of death. A “digital inheritance” is much like bequeathing property in a will. Although in this case, the “property” is online. 

2. Enjoy the convenience of auto-generated passwords

Coming up with brand new passwords can be tough, especially if the website requires a strong password that needs special characters. With a password manager, the hard work is done for you! Passwords created by management software are long and specifically designed to be secure. 

3. Protect your identity and information

Taking steps to be safe online is not just a recommendation. It’s essential. Since most of our financial information is stored digitally, the best way to protect ourselves is to have password managers create unique passwords for every account. Unique passwords prevent hackers from stealing all your information stored throughout the internet. 

Plus, password managers will alert you to possible phishing sites and stop from auto-populating information if that site is not linked to the saved passwords. 

4. Password Syncing 

The chance of you signing in to the same accounts across multiple devices is high. A password manager will sync your passwords, no matter if you switch from a desktop to a laptop or an iPhone to an Android. 

Creating and managing all your passwords doesn’t have to be a stressor in your life. Reach out to us today if you are ready to easily handle your passwords online. 


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3 Advantages of Using a UPS Backup Battery

Why Use a UPS Backup Battery? Infinite Systems Has 3 Key Advantages!

Interested in supporting your electronic devices no matter the weather or your working conditions? Then a UPS backup battery is the equipment you need! As Powertron Battery Co. puts it, “A UPS or an uninterruptible power supply is a small device that is connected between your computer and the outlet providing you with power. Its job is simple: to receive power and transmit it to your computer.”  As a company that provides TOTAL support for computers, networks, and servers, we think a UPS backup battery is worth the investment! 

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a UPS: 

1. Protection From Outages 

When storms come rolling in or your electrical company sees unexpected outages, it’s crucial to have a backup plan so that you can continue using your computer without a hitch. A UPS offers a power source that will operate straight through a short, unexpected blackout, plus help prepare for a longer one!

2. Keeps Your Electronics Safe

A fluctuation in power, such as a surge or lightning strike, can damage equipment. Since power surges put pressure on an electrical device’s wires, they could potentially overheat your computer and give you a major headache. You can help avoid this with a UPS backup battery because it creates a kind of filtering system between any fluctuations in power and your device!

3. Helps Prevent Lost Information 

Since so much of our work is digital, it’s imperative that you don’t leave your work to chance and risk losing important documents during an outage or power surge. A UPS gives you time to save and close your work during a power incident. Ready to protect your computer against unexpected outages? Call Infinite Systems today to equip your office or home office with a UPS backup!

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Keep it Clean: 3 Tips for a Cleaner Server Room

Why a clean server room makes all our jobs easier

In our daily routine as Systems Admins, we’ve seen it all when it comes to server rooms. We use the following three steps in order to keep our client’s server rooms clean and our services running efficiently.

1. Keep Cords Untangled to Avoid a Service Nightmare! 

DataSpan’s article on server room cleaning states, “power lines cause interference with network lines – prevent this by bunching like cables with ties.”

Tangled cables make it difficult to troubleshoot or replace equipment. By keeping cords tidy, we are able to quickly identify problems and fix them, thus reducing downtime and offering our clients the best possible service! 

2. Remove Dust and Dirt 

We don’t let the dust settle in our homes, so why would we let it settle in our server room?  We keep the area clean in order to prevent any data center downtime because even a single outage can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

3. Regulate Heat and Humidity 

Proper placement and spacing of your server rack and environment help prevent dangerous fluctuations in temperature. The more stable the temperate, the better systems can operate and perform services like email, data backup, and disaster recovery. 

Check out our awesome before and after pictures to see just how much we value a clean server room, and reach out to us if you have any questions about our services or want to schedule a meeting with us! 

managed IT managed IT services

Why Managed IT Services Help Your Business

How managed service providers revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of your company.

Ready to free up the time of your IT team?

Time is one of your company’s most precious assets. So the last thing you want is to waste your employee’s time and energy on projects more suited to an outside party.  According to BizTech Magazine, making the switch to a 3rd party IT service can “cut IT costs by as much as 40 percent while doubling operational efficiency.” Rather than managing every step of the process yourself, managed IT professionals can streamline your daily operations. Beyond that, we love these additional benefits listed in BizTech’s article on the subject: 

  1. Freeing up IT staff time
  2. Keeping up with ever-changing IT advancements 
  3. Flexible scalability within your organization
  4. 24/7 managed IT support
  5. Letting another company handle the burden of compliance 
  6. Fixed monthly payments that are easily paid 

The list above does a fantastic job of listing out the main advantages of hiring a managed IT company to assist with your business needs. Take a look at the full article above and reach out to us if you have any questions about our managed IT services and what it’s like to become a new customer. At Infinite Systems, we specialize in managed IT services and work to maximize your IT assets by monitoring and managing your network 24/7 to help prevent security breaches and catastrophic system failure, all for a consistent monthly price.